For the foreseeable future, we are going to have a different duty of care to both you and our Team. We need to create an environment where people feel safe and reassured that we are doing the best we possibly can to protect everyone involved in visiting HAIR38
As Professionals, it is our responsibility to develop systems and strategies to ensure that we bring about the changes required to make this happen and that our business is ready for a new future that lies ahead.
Much is still uncertain, but one thing that is certain, No change = No change
We will only be able to make these changes by following stringent safety and hygiene guidelines, to prevent what we have gone through from ever happening again
To achieve this, we will need the full cooperation of our team and our clients, to ensure the safety of everyone. We would appreciate the patience and flexibility of all over in the short-term, which will enable us to get back on track.

So please bare with me and read the following very thoroughly and carefully, as this will allow any changes to take place as seamlessly as possible.

So let’s look at some basic strategies that we will be implementing before attending your next appointment at HAIR38

  • There Is no waiting area inside so please do not arrive ahead of your appointment time, wait outside, we will call you in when we are ready
  • All Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE including face visors and masks
  • Any client late for their appointment may be turned away, as this will impact on our time allocated to clean and sanitise between appointment
  • If you are wearing a coat/jacket, or have a bag, we will give you a clear plastic bag to put your belongings into, which should remain with you at all times. This limits handling and transference of the virus to other people and clothing
  • Reply to your text Appointment reminder, we will not have time to ring people with reminders
  • Attend your appointment on your own. No family or friends allowed into the salon unless having their hair done too
  • Appointment times are extended ensuring good hygiene is carried out between clients. Please help us to keep to our schedule by focusing on your hair until we are working. Our time is limited and very, very precious
  • Please use hand sanitiser immediately on entering the Salon and regularly throughout your visit.
  • Wear a mask whilst attending your appointment, If you forget, we will have them available for a small fee. Refusal to wear a mask will result in being turned away
  • Magazines WILL NOT be provided just yet, please bring your own if you wish
  • Single use disposable Hairdressing Gowns and Towels will be used during your visit
  • All chairs/styling stations and points of hand contact will be regularly cleaned and sanitised between each client
  • Equipment will be sterilised between each client
  • Do not handle any retail items yourself
  • Social distancing must be adhered to. Our 1st floor salon area will be operational to ensure that social distancing is in carried out, wherever possible
  • Weather permitting, front and rear door to the salon will be open to encourage better ventilation
  • The purchase PPE equipment will mean a small additional charge of £2.50
  • Extra colour may be needed due to longer regrowth or correcting home colour so your initial visit could have a possible price increase
  • If we have not coloured your hair for over 6 months, or you have coloured it between visits yourself, a skin patch test will need to be done no less than 48 hours before treatment (NO EXCEPTIONS) This is legislation. 
  • If you wish to change or cancel your usual colour service, mention when booking your appointment, so time can be allocated. Do not wait until the day
  • If you can’t attend your appointment, PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY. We have many, many clients waiting
  • if you have the NHS App, please scan the QR code on reception when you enter the building. Times of you entering and leaving will be logged to allow link tracing should anyone report testing positive to Covid 19
  • Bring your diary for arranging future appointments
  • Do not wander into the salon to book an appointment, please telephone
  • If you or someone you know has been showing any symptoms, please cancel and rearrange your appointment
  • If you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus within 48 hours of visiting HAIR38, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY so we can closely monitor any of our Team developing symptoms

We must never lose sight of why we are taking any of the above measures
which will involve allowing extra time, using our memory, making sure that we follow the correct procedures. I know they may seem extreme but the safety of our Clients, our teams and their families and friends has to be our first priority. Our appearance, our image and how we feel, are all important, but never forget that life itself is more important than any of these things.
The difficult times that we have all been through and everything that we do from now on will hopefully prevent us from ever having to experience such times again.